Friday, October 21, 2016

Happy Writing News!

I have some really wonderful news.

But first I have to share the bad news I never shared.

Back in mid-August, I split from my literary agent. No drama. That relationship had simply run its course and it was time to move forward.

Okay, so I was a little sad, yes. I spent some time wallowing.

And then I opened my Macbook and got to work. I had a new manuscript and notes from CPs. This being the first manuscript I plotted BEFORE drafting, I had less to do revision-wise than I expected. It was already a second or third draft, so I did some tweaking here and there, wrote a query, and dove back into that wonderful slush pile swimming pool.

Wonderful may be sugarcoating it.

Just a bit.

See, when you have already had a literary agent and suddenly you are looking for a literary agent, it feels a bit like this...

 photo Buffering_zpsf8af01bb.gif

But this is 2016, y'all. This is my Year of Daring. I wasn't going to sit the bench when I had come so close to scoring a touchdown... or a homerun... or I don't know.

I'm not good at sports. I'm good at writing.

If my dreams don't come true, it won't be because I gave up on them. That much I know.

So I started sending queries for the new project and three weeks later I had an offer of representation.

 photo Dance_zpsa0e3d024.gif

Last time, it took me about six months to get an offer, but those three weeks felt every bit as long as the previous six month experience. Time is relative when you are begging someone to love your book as much as you love your book.

The waiting is over and now the real work begins. I will be going back into my revision cave. There is cutting to be done. There is rewriting to be done. There is dreaming and plotting and scribbling and changing to be done.

I love it.

I am excited to announce that I am now represented by the fabulous Amy Tipton of Signature Literary.

 photo Dance_zps02aeec23.gif

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