Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Books Open Doors... and Minds

I'm going to start taking photos of the books we read before I return them to the library. Then, I can scroll through my phone to remember them for this post series. I am sure there were other books I intended to write about here, but my mind has blanked on what they were.

Shh! We Have a Planby Chris Haughton

This has been one of my favorite books to read in my preschool classroom. I really need to buy a copy to keep on hand, since I had to return this one to the library. Not only did my fours love it, but even my threes were hooked. All of the kids would lean forward and make the "shhhh" sound and say "we have a plan." It is the most engaged I have ever seen my threes. The repetition and simple illustrations (that one pop of bright color for the bird is perfect) combine to make this all kinds of awesome.

Sam and Dave Dig a Holeby Mac Barnett
illustrated by Jon Klassen

I picked this one up when I saw Klassen was the illustrator. I'm a sucker for his work. All of the kids, threes and fours, loved this one. One of my fours begs for it, and he was really sad when I returned it to the library. I will have to check it out again soon. My kids loved pointing out the giant diamonds and telling Sam and Dave to keep digging.

Open Very Carefully: A Book with Biteby Nick Bromley
illustrated by Nicola O'Byrne

This one was a fun read for the kids. It's not one they beg for or even asked me to read again, but they did enjoy it. I liked the parts where we had to rock the book to make the crocodile go to sleep and shake the book to try to get him out. I asked the kids, "What would you have done if the crocodile had fallen out and landed right here on our carpet?" They giggled.

Iggy Peck Architectby Andrea Beaty
illustrated by David Roberts

This has been one of my favorites. I love the rhyme that works without being typical cheesy preschool rhymes. I love that it introduces my kids to architecture as a possible career. I have put the two similar books from this author on hold at the library. I want my class to hear about careers and see how wide open their future is. They can be anything. Building Legos isn't just play, it is also a possibility for their whole life. That may seem lofty, but books can open doors. Books can open minds. Who knows what stays with a kid. 

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