Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wildlife Teaches Me on Middle Places

I love to learn.
Back when I homeschooled, my main goal was to teach my kids one thing: Learning is fun.
Once someone realizes it can be fun to learn new things, they keep going. They learn more. They try harder and dig deeper and go for the gold. Who knows what they will learn, but God uses all of it to mold them into the people He meant them to be.
Recently, we moved to a house backing up to a patch of woods and a pond. Our new location reminds me that learning for the sake of learning is fun.
Yesterday, I peeked out the window and spotted a dark bird with a curved beak. It was in the water, right at the edge, and when it walked, I saw the legs were a bright yellow-orange.
I whipped out my phone and typed “pond birds” into Google. It only took a few clicks to locate the right critter. I have a green-backed heron. I read about his diet and social behavior.
One thing I am learning from the local wildlife is that mamas are mamas, no matter their species.


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