Monday, July 4, 2016

Honduras: July 2 & 3

On Saturday, we went to the market. I spent a lot of time pointing at fruits and vegetables (frutas y verduras) and repeating their Spanish labels, asking Josue if I got them right. After the market, we went to Mi Esperanza to organize the food into buckets. Then we loaded up the trucks and the bus and drove to Nuevo Tiempo to deliver the food.

That's where the day changed. We had a to wait on the mayor before we could pass out the food. There was a lot of standing around and then walking here and there. I stayed with a group of other adults, and we mostly observed VBS and checked out the house being built nearby. There was some political debate between the mayor and our people, but the food did eventually get delivered. By the time we came back to the hotel, I was more tired than I had been the day before.

Yesterday was Sunday, a rest day on this trip. We went to Mi Esperanza for some shopping after breakfast, grabbed lunch at Wendy's (I got my banana soda) and then headed to Valle de Angeles, a touristy place. When it was time to leave, the buses were stuck in the lot. Our guys had to literally pick up cars and move them so we could leave. It was crazy. Always an adventure in Honduras...

We ate at El Gordo's last night, and I love their cheesy bean dip. However, I realized fast that I had reached my limit for extroverting. So I skipped evening worship and spent an hour reading in my silent hotel room while the other 3 occupants were with our group. Then I got to sleep early and felt a lot better today.

I will post about today tomorrow. I'm ready for dinner now. ;)


  1. I think banana soda sounds horrible, but Dan would LOVE that! He loves all banana flavored things, and I like only bananas. No banana-flavored thing ever tastes right to me :)

    1. It's only good when it is cold. Straight from the fountain. :)


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