Friday, July 1, 2016

Honduras 2016, July 1

After being awake more than 36 hours, I slept well last night. We hiked up a mountain to build today. We were building a house in memory of my friend's father. It rained off and on, but the temperature was great. I was able to steal a few moments to journal, so I will just type up what I wrote...

From Heather's Journal, July 1

I'm sitting high on a mountainside, backpacks piled beside me, the taste of honey on my tongue. Below me, teen girls from Mississippi blow bubbles with Honduran children. The language they share is play - jugando. To my right, a home takes shape. The air buzzes with chainsaws and my heart drumbeats with hammers, no rhythm save hope.

Neighbors hauled pizza* and soda up this steep mountain. They wanted to thank us with food. It's a heavy meal for the work day, but their eyes were beautiful as they gave us this meal. In a moment pepperoni is made holy. A small skinny dog feasted on the remains our communion, bubbly Coke pure wine inside my body.

There are cheers as a door opens. The woman had an accident. Half her body is scarred from fire. We are nailing her happiness together, opening a door to new dreams, framing a window from which she'll look forward, plan tomorrow. She is beautiful, speaking joy over us, "¡Yo contento!" 

God bless her. Please bless her bigger than we can

* I wanted to add a note to tell you all pizza is not a normal part of a build. The mayor of this community bought the pizzas. He was very excited about the houses our groups built today. Normally, we eat what we carry up the mountain. My regular lunch today included turkey jerky, a handful of BBQ sunflower seeds, and a couple of honey straws.

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  1. Beautiful situation with the love of Christ everywhere! Thank you for sharing your experiences and for sharing God's love.


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