Friday, June 3, 2016

Honduras: Prayer Concerns

A few people have asked what to pray for while Jamie and I are in Honduras next month. This list is for your reference. If you are a praying person, please remember us throughout July.


Safety, of course, but also boldness - Something I noticed while reading Acts is that the apostles didn't pray for God to keep them safe. They prayed for the boldness to continue following Him and preaching in His name. I don't plan to do any preaching. I prefer my evangelism to be the kind without words, or without the "this is why you need to believe what I believe" kind of words. Still, I want to be in good physical condition for being bold and loving hard.

Health - Similar to the above, but specifically things like colds and nausea, etc... Food sickness was a problem for some on our last trip. Since I like trying new foods and being adventurous, this is a real concern for me. I am prone to motion sickness, and we will spend a lot of time on buses and curvy mountain roads. I don't want to travel to Honduras to help others and end up as a burden instead.

Transportation - As I said, we travel by bus. Please pray over the vehicles themselves and also the drivers and the cars, bikes, and other objects around us. Traffic in Honduras is a sight to behold. I hear they have things like lanes and speed limits but I haven't seen anything to suggest those items really exist.

Spiders - Go on and laugh. My husband found a very large snake in our yard last week. I went out to peek at him and felt almost no fear. He was beautiful. But a spider? I have gone nights without sleep because I killed a spider in the bathroom or someone posted a photo of a spider to Facebook and every time I closed my eyes, I saw eight furry legs. I didn't see any spiders in Honduras last year, but for some reason I have been worried about them this year. I know. Illogical fear. I don't deny it.

Strength & Skill - Last year, I very briefly wielded a chainsaw. If I end up needing to use one, pray for my focus and ability. Jamie and I will be swinging hammers and carrying wood when we are building homes. I am not sure what else we will do. Anything is possible. Please pray we can dig deep and discover capabilities we never knew we possessed.

Language - As most of you know, I have been learning Spanish. I worked my way through all of level one and most of level two in Rosetta Stone before getting hung up on grammar. I am a perfectionist, and I won't let myself move onto level three until I feel more on top of level two. I'm hoping a month in Honduras will greatly improve my Spanish. Pray that I get plenty of opportunities to use what I have learned and to learn more. Also pray I have the guts to speak and look stupid. That is hard for me. I hate sounding unintelligent, but learning a new language means saying the wrong thing and learning from my mistakes. I don't like making mistakes. So, pray I am both bold and humble in my attempts to speak Spanish.

Family - I am leaving my husband and kids for a whole month. This doesn't scare me. Corey is the best dad I know, and he's got this. My kids are pretty independent. Neither has expressed concern over my upcoming absence. Please pray life rolls along smoothly here without me.


Introvertedness - I am pretty intensely introverted. I love people, but I need to recharge in solitude and quiet. I am used to starting my days in a silent house, alone with my book and my breakfast and my coffee. I'm used to spending most of my days alone, as I am a writer. All of that is about to fly out the window. Please pray that I can either find pockets of solitude to refill my tank or that I will be miraculously made into an extravert for one month.

Being Present - My friend, Carrie, asked me about how I am able to be truly present in the experience of a trip like this. It wasn't a problem last year, but this year I will be there longer. I need to not be worried about my family here at home and other such things. I want to journal through the month, something I failed to do last year. Please pray that I can experience every moment of this trip and be open to whatever God is speaking over me each day.

Seeing the big picture but also the individual - I shared some thoughts on "voluntourism" last year, and that is basically what I am talking about here. I don't want to go to Honduras for my own good. There are good things I hope to take away from this trip (language acquisition, etc.) but if I am not making a difference, I am wasting time and money. I want Jesus to walk with me over the month I am in Honduras. I want to see the big picture of how I can truly be a help, and I also want to see the people I meet as individuals. I want to honor the humanity of each person I come into contact with, whether a fellow pilgrim or a native Honduran or anyone else.

Peace/Homesickness - I don't foresee this being a problem, but I've also never been away from my husband and children for this long all at the same time.

Mental Health - Whether you want to pray over this as spiritual warfare, holding off attacks from the enemy or simply as a health concern, I will take both kinds of prayer. I suffer from ADHD and Depression. I will have my meds with me, of course, but meds are not magic. I still have bad days, even bad weeks. As with my physical health, I don't want my mental health to make me a burden instead of a blessing to those around me.

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  1. I'm so excited for you as you embark on this journey. I pray it will be a wonderful experience where God's leading will be obvious to you, where you will be filled with His grace and peace, where you will accurately represent Him, where He will strengthen you and energize you, and where lives will be changed for the better because of your commitment to follow His leading. May God bless you and your family richly through this experience. I can't wait to hear about it when you return!


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