Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Challenge on Middle Places

When people find out I am a writer, they almost always ask about my book. What is it called? Where can they buy it?
One day, I will be very glad for this, because I will be able to give them the title and tell them where to buy it.
I’m not there yet. I’m still here.
The craftsmen of Solomon and Hiram and workers from Byblos cut and prepared the timber and stone for the building of the temple.” 1 Kings 5:18 (NIV)
It took a long time to build the temple, and before they ever laid a brick, they had to prepare the wood and stone and gold and silver.
The journey to publishing is long, and few outside of the industry have any clue how it works. I can’t blame them for that. My brother-in-law is a chemical engineer and I sure don’t know how to ask him about the ins and outs of his job. The best I could do is ask what project he’s working on. Probably, it’s something I won’t understand. Or else it’s something I couldunderstand if I listened to him explain it in detail. I’m sure there are aspects of his job I would never imagine in a million years.
Right now, I am preparing to go on sub again. To “go on sub” is to have my agent actively submitting my manuscript to editors. How I prepare for this is by revising said manuscript. I need it shipshape for him to send out. This is one of many steps in the very long process of getting a book published. This particular manuscript is one I drafted two years ago. I have drafted other manuscripts since, but I have also returned to this one.

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