Friday, February 5, 2016

My Father is Terry Pratchett

I don't mean that Terry Pratchett is my father. I'm 99.9% certain my mother never laid eyes on the man, let alone created a child with him.

But my daddy IS Terry in so many ways.

When I think of my father, I think of him holding a Discworld novel. Probably, he IS holding a Discworld novel. At the very least, there is one open on a shelf or table nearby. Almost every Pratchett novel I own was snatched from his shelves.

If my dad were to write novels, he and Terry would have written pretty much the same novels. They even look alike physically. They hold the same opinions on everything I know their opinions on. They speak with the same sort of intellectual and literary wit and arrogance that is just enough to be charming.

I have been listening to A Slip of the Keyboard on audio, and every other line, I think, "Gah, that is so Dad."

I think how brilliant both men are...

but then I have to change it to past tense for Terry, because the world lost that great man last year.

And then I realize I will lose my daddy one day.

And then I have to suck down the cry ball in my throat.

And that is why I go from laughing to sobbing in an instant when reading (or listening to) Terry Pratchett.


P.S. We bought a house and moved and I started work as a substitute teacher all in the last couple of weeks.  Also, I am sick and doing manuscript revisions. So, this is about as coherent as my blog writing is gonna get today.

P. P. S. On my way to the teacher's lounge at a local high school, I was mistaken for a teenager. I will be riding high on that one for at least another week or so.

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