Saturday, January 9, 2016

No Jeans. How Sad.

I had to go shopping yesterday. I am about to start substitute teaching, and my typical wardrobe doesn't fit the bill. Apparently, tees with book covers and sarcasm don't scream, "I am a grown-up and you will respect me."

Who knew?

Also, no jeans.

I am bereft.

Okay, not really. I don't mind dressing like an adult from time to time, but finding clothes that fit and make me feel good isn't an easy task. Especially since I am cheap. I don't want to spend more than $5-10 on a shirt. But I'm learning, other than when I find something great at a thrift store, clothes that work for me cost more money.

I hate that.

I want to spend my money on books and food and travel. Not clothes. Especially not clothes that aren't fun.

I loved shopping when I was a teenager. I wandered the local outlet mall yesterday, wondering what changed. I came up with a few things that probably are obvious. For instance, as a teen, my money paid my car insurance, filled my gas tank, and was otherwise all for me. I did tithe. I know, what kind of abnormal teen was I, right? But, really, all of that left quite a bit to spend on clothes and movies and the cover cost to go dancing in the Vista.

I wasn't worried about buying a house, sending kids to college, buying kids cars, covering youth trips and summer camp. I wasn't worried. Period.

Add my existential thoughts while shopping... You know the ones. I stare at the excess, the fountains and fire pits and fancy statues that adorn our local shopping area, and I am baffled. Why do we need all this? We are building temples to consumerism. I don't like being a part of that machine. I want to opt out.

But I need clothes to wear to work.

And someone explain to me why so many shirts are see-thru and cropped? I feel like I have to choose between complicated combinations to make an outfit or dressing like I remember my grandmother dressing when she was alive. Where is the in-between? Am I just too impatient to dig for it? Sure, if I want to buy the see-thru blouse, I can then put a cami under it, but that means making sure I have a cami that will look good under it, and that means buying another item, and then, I will probably need a sweater to go over it, because even with a cami, it is still see-thru. So I am basically just wearing the cami, right?

I used to love clothes and fashion, but now I wish someone else would dress me each morning.

Just to be contradictory, I do love Project Runway. Maybe when I am JK Rowling* I can hire one of the Project Runway designers to outfit me. Problem solved.

So, that is where I am. I spent an entire morning in outlet stores. I left with one pair of grey pants (marked down from $80 to $20, score!), a black sweater, and a purple sweater. It's a start. Now can I go to the bookstore?

*I harbor no illusions to being JK Rowling, either literally or metaphorically. It is just a joke we have in our family that all of the giant expensive dreams can happen one day when I am JK Rowling. Ha Ha. Funny. ;)


  1. Sometimes you put my thoughts into words more beautifully than I ever could. Yes to all of this.

  2. I ended up finding a few more things at Old Navy. It will be my go to from now on.


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