Saturday, January 2, 2016

Currently: Your Third Most Common Month for Madness

Current Books: I'm reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert with my morning coffee and Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan the rest of the time. In the car, I'm playing Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz.

Current Playlist: I've been listening to songs friends have suggested to match my 2016 theme, Daring.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Not packing today. We are buying a house, and I should be packing today, but there are so many things that need doing, and I am leaving on another road trip tomorrow, so I am procrastinating. I'm not sure this counts as a guilty pleasure. It's just a guilty relief.

Current Color: Grey, deep charcoal grey and light silver grey... all the grey.

Current Food: I'm eating a dark chocolate granola bar as I type this.

Current Drink: Last month, I realized I have been dehydrated, so I am upping my water intake.

Current Favorite Favorite: The Middle Sisters... a group made up of current writers on Middle Places and some former writers for Middle Places. I am watching as they pull together to support a sister again, and they blow my mind in the best kind of way.

Current Wishlist: Mostly things that aren't buyable... to have my step daughter be a bigger part of our lives, to give my friend her mother back, to know the answers...

Current Needs: Money for this summer's month-long jaunt to Honduras

Current Triumph: I had a poem selected to be published an a great lit journal and I have been writing short stories.

Current Bane-Of-My-Existence: Preteen hormones and science fair projects

Current Indulgence: I'm sitting on the couch with my heated slippers on, taking the time to do this blog post.

Current Mood: Both optimistic and heavy, motivated and exhausted

Current Outfit: Dark jeans, my Wizard of Oz long-sleeved tee from Out of Print, a black and white sweater, and those heated slippers I mentioned

Current #1 Blessing: My husband, as usual... Only one of us can travel for the visitation and funeral of a friend's mother this weekend, and he immediately decided it should be me. There is every good reason for him to go instead, but he is letting me do this, and I am grateful.

Current Quote: “If I am not actively creating something, then I am probably actively destroying something” ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear 

Current Photo:

Title taken from: “Lots of people go mad in January. Not as many as in May, of course. Nor June. But January is your third most common month for madness.” ― Karen Joy Fowler, Sarah Canary

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