Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dear Franklin Graham,

Around the world, atrocities are occurring daily.

Children are starving.

Sex trafficking is happening right under our noses.

There are kids being molested... kids being bullied... kids being neglected...

Marriages are crumbling due to everything from pride to pornography.

Wars are being fought.

I could go on. This list could be so long no one would ever finish reading it.

So much horror. So much sadness. So much hopelessness.

So, no, Mr. Graham, I will not get my panties in a wad over gender labels at Target.

You are welcome to your opinion. I am welcome to mine.

Mine is that there are bigger fish to fry.

I stood on a mountain top in Honduras this summer, a hammer hanging from my belt loop and a baby on my hip. I watched hope being built by the hands of people who love Jesus. And I simply cannot bring myself to care about toy aisles.

You, Mr. Graham, have the luxury of outrage. It is your privilege to take the time to care about stuff like gender labels in a department store, because you don't HAVE to worry about feeding yourself and your family. You have choices about where to shop and no worries about a roof over your head in a rainstorm.

I'm in your boat too, actually. I have the luxury of writing this blog post, of taking the time to give a flip what the American Church is in a tizzy over. When I was in Honduras, I didn't care what everyone here in the States was pitching a fit about.

It didn't matter.

It still doesn't.

Someone who believes Jesus wouldn't have wasted His time blasting Target when religious organizations are still so full of Pharisees.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pitch Wars: Successful Query

With Pitch Wars dancing on the horizon and mentor bios going live this week, there's lots of talk on Twitter. Pitch Wars helped match me with my wonderful agent, Pete, so I absolutely encourage you to participate (if you have a finished manuscript and are willing to work your tail off).

One of this year's mentee-hopefuls asked me to post my query from last year, and I decided to do so. The title of the book is different now, and probably I'd write the query a tiny bit differently at this point. But it is still a pretty good idea of my novel and it got me a 100% Pitch Wars request rate.

Chrissy Corbett reapplied her lipstick and shot her teacher in the heart. Then she sprayed bullets down the hallway of Iniwa High, injuring multiple students.  Now she sits in the county jail, invoking her right to remain silent. She’s certain she did the right thing and equally certain she will die for it.

Chrissy’s best friend, Priscilla Watson, returns from a study abroad program determined to find answers. Chrissy may have turned herself in, but Priscilla can’t believe her anti-gun activist friend committed murder without good reason.

With only a cryptic voice mail and a book of Edna St. Vincent Millay’s poetry to guide her, Priscilla launches her own investigation. She must succeed or Chrissy will face the death penalty.

Having made an amicable break with my previous agency, I am pursuing representation for this new project. Complete at 84,000 words, Renascence is a Contemporary Young Adult novel that might appeal to fans of Jennifer Brown, Colleen Clayton, and Jay Asher. My previous credits include poems, essays, and articles in publications such as Jackson Free Press, Group, and The Mom Egg.

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider my submission.

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