Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Currently: the Name of that Moment

Current Books: I was sick over Thanksgiving, so I spent hours and hours curled up in a recliner at my in-laws' house, reading. I finished On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta, and reread To Kill a Mockingbird (something I planned to do all year) and then read Allegiant by my agency sister, Veronica Roth (not name dropping, because Veronica has no clue who I am). Now I am reading Go Set a Watchman despite mixed feelings about the whole thing.

Current Playlist: Pretty silent lately. We listened to some comedy on Pandora on the drive home from Tennessee.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: I can't really think of anything right now. Last week, I would have said pie for breakfast, but there's no pie in my house. If someone would bring me a pecan pie, I could eat that for breakfast and then I'd have something to write here. Well, now that I think about it, I did have Reese's minis for breakfast today.

Current Color: Kentucky blue

Current Food: My mother-in-law outdid herself this year. And my brother-in-law and sister-in-law smoked a to-die-for turkey. I'm not usually a fan of turkey, but this stuff was amazing. The only downside of someone else doing Thanksgiving this year? No leftovers in my fridge.

Current Drink: Coffee. I need to get to Starbucks for an apple chai. That sounds good right now.

Current Favorite Favorite: Corey. Today is our 14th wedding anniversary. I can't imagine being married to anyone else.

Current Wishlist: a bunch of books, as always... Big Magic, Accidental Saints, Furiously Happy, and Wink Poppy Midnight

Current Needs: I need to put butt in chair and finish writing this manuscript. I have written and rewritten 14 chapters and the second half is overwhelming me.

Current Triumph: I had an essay published by Venn Magazine. I've wanted to write something for them for a few years now.

Current Bane-of-my-Existence: my own self-doubt

Current Indulgence: Corey got up with the boys this morning, so I slept until almost 9 AM.

Current Mood: Pretty good, despite feeling icky with the sinus gunk

Current Outfit: Dark jeans, a grey cowl neck sweatshirt, black suede boots

Current #1 Blessing: 14 years with the man I love, corny and cheesy as that may be

Current Quote: “I fell in love with him. But I don't just stay with him by default as if there's no one else available to me. I stay with him because I choose to, every day that I wake up, every day that we fight or lie to each other or disappoint each other. I choose him over and over again, and he chooses me.” ― Veronica Roth, Allegiant

Current Photo:
Selfie with my sis at Thanksgiving

Title taken from: “The extraordinary thing that is about to happen is matched only by the extraordinary moment just before it happens. Advent is the name of that moment.” ― Frederick Buechner


  1. Happy Anniversary - hope you do something wonderful.

  2. Current Bane of My Existence: Ditto.
    Current Joy: So grateful that I have a Mom that can cook like nobody's business (as you mentioned), a husband that is so wonderful I can't believe he's mine (sound like you again?), a brother that puts up with me, a Dad that is out of this world, and a sister that is beautiful inside and out. I could go on, but suffice it to say that God is amazing to share all of this with little old me! Oh, and I'm extra glad that the sis I didn't know I had yet showed up 14 years ago. *wink*


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