Saturday, October 3, 2015

My Writings on the Web

I know I don't blog here as often as I used to. I now write weekly for Middle Places and I am sending out poems and such to other locations. I don't want to make posts here just to make posts here. I like writing when I have something to say.

Today, I thought I could share with you some things I have written recently and published in other locations. Mostly, these are from Middle Places, but I also had a piece published on a site called Crazy Good Parent, and it was a pretty big deal kind of post for me.

The Crazy Good Parent post is called Post-Traumatic Parenting Disorder. It was a cathartic and scary piece to publish.

This month, I wrote the theme piece for Middle Places. October's theme is REstore.

I also wrote this piece about dealing with cynicism in my religious life. I quoted Rachel Held Evans and confessed to something I am really struggling with. Read about it in The Bitter Uprising.

I went to a book festival and writers conference in Memphis and ate a little humble pie. You can read about that in Show Up Scared.

I am still working hard at learning to speak Spanish. I wrote about that and about the regret of missed opportunity in Estoy Aprendiendo EspaƱol.

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