Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Currently: Thirty Days Hath September

Current Books: I am reading The Bible Tells Me So and Three Story House on my Kindle. I borrowed Let's Pretend this Never Happened from the library, because I need to laugh. I am listening to Partials on audio.

Current Playlist: I have been learning Spanish via Rosetta Stone. I know music can really aid in memory and learning, so I decided to find a song I can learn in Spanish. I downloaded a Hillsong album in Spanish using the Hoopla account I have through the public library. I am slowly teaching myself the words to Oceans. It's a song I know and love in English, so this makes sense.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: I can't think of anything right now. I haven't even taken a day to binge-watch Netflix.

Current Color: Kentucky blue

Current Food: I made pumpkin cream cheese bread yesterday.

Current Drink: Cold stuff hurts my front tooth (dentist appointment tomorrow) so coffee is my friend.

Current Favorite Favorite: Having Lauren nearby has been wonderful. She's made this move a thousand times easier on me.

Current Wishlist: I had a tattoo consult last weekend, and I really want to make it happen, but holy moly the cost. I can't justify it right now.

Current Needs: Dental work galore. Nothing new there.

Current Triumph: I finished editing an MG manuscript last month and I have been sending poems to lit journals again.

Current Bane-of-my-Existence: My own anxiety and lack of motivation.

Current Indulgence: Driving to the next town to go to the "good Kroger," because the atmosphere there is less stressful for me.

Current Mood: Down pretty often, but I'm working on it.

Current Outfit: Jeans y mi camiseta gris

Current #1 Blessing: Freedom to take my time adjusting to this move

Current Quote: “Right,” Isobel said. “Like that experiment that shows the different ways kids and adults think. If you give people a picture of a monkey, an orange, and a banana, the adults always put the orange and the banana together. But kids—” “Kids and some of us creative types,” Elyse said, taking back control of the conversation, “will always sort the monkey with the banana.” ― Courtney Miller Santo, Three Story House

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