Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Hallmark of this Home

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The above gif comes from my favorite scene from Parenthood. The cancer storyline on that show took me back in time. It walked me through losing Natalie all over again. By the end of the season, I sobbed and didn't know what I wanted to happen. If Christina died, it would be so unfair. I didn't want her to die. But if she lived... it would make me angry. Angry because if my friend didn't get to live, why should this fake person on TV?

I don't claim to be logical where death is involved.

So, when Christina lost her friend to cancer and gave this amazing speech, I was right there with her. I got it. And I cried with her. 

Tomorrow, Corey and I will board a flight to Honduras, and I will help build a house in Natalie's memory. So many of you helped make this whole thing possible. Thank you for helping me honor my  friend. 

It will never make sense to me... the random selection of death. Why did Natalie have to die and I am still alive? I don't know. But I do know I can do something with his life of mine, however long I am going to have it.

And I am going to sign off now before I get overly sappy. 

Prayers over our trip are appreciated. Specifically, please pray for the family that will have a home with Natalie's name on the wall. Pray the hope and gratitude that marked my friend's life will become a hallmark of this home as well.


  1. So many blessings Heather. (((((hugs))))) and a safe journey for everyone making this trip!


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