Friday, February 13, 2015

Poppies at Middle Places

It was around this time last year that Jesus told me “there will be poppies.”
I know for sure it was the 13th week of 2014, because the message was meaningful enough for me to create a Project Life card about it. The message was delivered not long after our trip to Israel. I was working on the book that is now with my new agent, but I was still with my previous agent at that time. My career had not gotten off to the start I expected, and I was struggling with what the future held.
I already shared with you that I tend to run away from Jesus when I am afraid of what He will tell me. This time last year, I was in that place. I was afraid my writing future was doomed and I didn’t want to deal with the possibility that the beautiful future I dreamed about would never be mine. But I can never run too far from Jesus. I always come full circle until I find myself sprawled at His feet.
Every. Single. Time… He picks me up. He dusts me off. He pulls me into His lap and tucks a loose strand of hair behind my ears. He kisses my forehead and laughs that soft Daddy laugh I know so well.
So that’s where I was, sitting in my bedroom with my Mac in my lap and my heart in my throat. I set aside the computer and lay down on my back on the bed. I closed my eyes and meditated, picturing myself lying beside Jesus. Having just returned from the Holy Land, I chose to meet Jesus there…
In a field of poppies.

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