Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Happy Gif-alicious Post

I started my week with a Monday morning disappointment.

 photo tear_zps8b796a77.gif

But it has only gotten better and better from there, so I am not complaining.

 photo 1d04f3_8f5b71ec40ee4f3dbf1f423397425592gif_srz_410_231_75_22_050_120_000_gif_srz_zpsd1e3c6e5.gif

Tomorrow, I hit the road for a girls' weekend, and I am so ready to see my friends and share some happy and definitely go to Target (because my town still doesn't have one of those, and I am still not done complaining about it, even if it does lump me in with the stereotypical white suburban housewife clique).

 photo giphy_zpsexwx10hb.gif

Today I hit 23,000 words in my NaNo novel. Most of those words were written with a cat draped across my right arm while I typed. He is currently trying to also take over my left arm. Yup. There he goes. He wins. I am now typing with a cat pinning my arms to the keyboard.

 photo TryingToWrite_zpsece37950.gif

I know this post is entirely too gif-heavy. It will probably make me motion-sick just to proofread it, but it is a gif-filled kind of day.

Y'all have a lovely weekend.

 photo BlowKiss_zps3aa94a38.gif

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