Thursday, September 4, 2014

Of #PitchWars and Tiaras

Today, I have a post up at Middle Places. It is about the hard heavy things that make me feel like this...

 photo drink_zps0fbd4e1e.gif

You can click HERE to read it.

It's been a busy whirlwind of a week. If you follow me on Twitter or read my earlier Mentee Bio, you know I entered #PitchWars this year.  There were over 1200 submissions. 75 mentors each chose 1 mentee and 1 alternate. As the announcement approached, my friends and I looked something like this...

 photo Tell_me_loki_zpscf55a0d6.gif

We stayed up until midnight Tuesday to find out who made it and watch a crazy fun countdown show. Corey sat beside me, shooting me looks and mocking me. Mocking is our love language.

When midnight came, my name was on the list.

And then I looked something like this...

 photo tumblr_lqhuxsEzqD1qmpkul_zpsb9675580.gif

My mentor is Dannie Morin, who is awesome sauce, and you can read about her selection process HERE.

Now, the work will begin.

But the rest of life continues as well. So I am putting together church media, juggling school stuff for the boys, back to leading small group (my girls are JUNIORS this year), getting ready for book group with some of my fave ladies, brainstorming my next book, trying to keep up with housework (a little halfheartedly) and running Jamberry Facebook parties (let me know if you want to host one and earn some freebies).

I will continue my artist's statement series as soon as my brain returns to full function. ;)

Until then, I leave you with my happy-crown-wearing satisfaction

 photo Ballet_zpsed4ad043.gif

 photo Crown_zps89ad0d75.gif

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