Thursday, July 17, 2014

Currently: Poppies in July

Current Books: I'm reading The Group by Mary McCarthy. It's just the pace I need right now. Everything in me is speeding in circles and it is a nice walk through the lives of a group of young women in the 30s. I recently finished Feathers, What Happens Next, and Harmless. All were good reads.

Current Playlist: Fighting for Nothing by Meg & Dia, Sleep to Dream by Fiona Apple, Criminal by Fiona Apple, and comedy on Pandora.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Spending WAY too much time refreshing my email.

Current Colors: Bright summer shades.

Current Food: I eat Taco Bell when I'm stressed. It's a problem.

Current Drink: Yeah, so, Taco Bell now carries apple soda, which I am addicted to. I used to buy it at my favorite Texaco, but that Texaco was demolished by the tornado. So... Taco Bell again. Don't judge me.

Current Favorite Favorite: I made a new writer friend on a forum and some new writer friends via Twitter, and they make me feel less crazy, so they are my favorite favorites this month.

Current Wishlist: A certain Kate Spade bag (it's on clearance even), a certain kind of email or phone call to happen, Haydn's school schedule to arrive and not be a hassle I need to fix.

Current Needs: We are well cared for at Casa Truett. Haydn gets braces next week, so I could use prayer for surviving the whining that will ensue.

Current Triumph: Jumping back on the metaphorical horse.

Current Bane-of-my-Existence: My own impatience and self-doubt.

Current Indulgence: Too much time online.

Current Mood: Mostly good. A bit stressed, but so much better than this time last week.

Current Outfit: Lucky jeans, green fitted tee, lemon Jamberry wraps on my fingers and galaxy wraps on my toes.

Current #1 Blessing: My husband, as always. Y'all, I was able to do some revisions in two weeks because he is so supportive. Not every man can deal with his wife locking herself in the bedroom with a laptop and the house falling apart at the seams.

Current Quote“On her way back, she scoops up forgiveness like a bouquet, sniffs it deep and arranges it in a vase. She sets forgiveness down, shining in the middle of everything.” 
― Colleen ClaytonWhat Happens Next

Current Link: I'm on the Middle Places blog today, talking about bathing suit shopping.

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Title taken from a Sylvia Plath poem

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