Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Don't Do Normal Things

I'm trying to bump myself out of a funk by returning to morning pages. It has helped a bit in just three days. Tuesday, I took my notebook, my copy of Writing Down the Bones and my favorite pen to our church. I found a Sunday School room with a comfy couch, closed the door, and dove in. I meditated. I stared out a window. I thought about things. I read. I wrote. I got to the bottom of something that was following me around, mentally.

It was good.

Yesterday, I didn't get to go out for my morning pages, but I wrote anyway. I scribbled memories for three pages. Then, I took myself to visit a friend and knock some items off my errand list. There are certain people in my life who will ALWAYS improve my day with their presence. Toni is one of those people, and a couple of hours with her did me good.

Today, I wrote after a meeting at church, and then I did some creative play with media for Sunday, running everything through on the big screens to make sure all is in place.

Now, I'm plotting a fun dessert for family night (baked s'more bars) and a yummy black bean soup for dinner tomorrow. I've almost finished season 6 of Mad Men, and Orange is the New Black returns this weekend. The Fault in Our Stars comes out this weekend as well. I'm planning to see it with a friend next week.

I'm reading Pratchett and Steinbeck. Because I don't do normal things.

Saturday is Nattie Day. I don't suppose anyone will see me in my tiara, but I'll wear it anyway. I have purple Jamberries for my toes as well.

7 years.

She has now missed as much of the 21st century as she saw.

The whole heaven/afterlife issue still makes my chest tighten and tears spring to my eyes. I'm not sure I will ever find peace with that, not this side of the Jordan, anyhow.

And let's move on, because now I want to cry.

If I am true to what I say, "Write what scares you," I suppose I'll have to write about the afterlife sometime.

No time soon.

Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.

How are YOU, dear reader?

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