Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I Am Not the Sun

I had a bad day yesterday.

Or, rather, I got bad news yesterday. My personal rule: I can wallow in self-pity for 24 hours and then I must move on.

I didn't even use the whole 24 hours. My critique partner was able to drag me out of the mire. God bless her. Today, I am focusing on my next steps and not dwelling on the negative feelings. Also, a friend stopped by to give me a book, and it just happens to be a book on my wish list. I'm hoping it will knock me out of my reading funk. Lately, I pick up books and read a chapter or two before getting bored. Even good books.

My oldest is at camp this week. My youngest has VBS. So I've had a few hours of peace each day. That's been nice. Yesterday I sat in Starbucks with a friend for a long time. Today I have been working in my husband's office and not one child has interrupted. Heavenly.

I'm still doing my morning pages. It really is helpful. I'm also rereading Writing Down the Bones. Sometimes I need those reminders, the encouragement to keep my basic tools in good working order.

I have some friends going through REALLY hard stuff right now.




I'm still doing a lot of waiting. But my waiting is nothing compared to the struggles these friends are facing. I am trying to keep perspective. I am not the sun. No one revolves around me.

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