Sunday, June 29, 2014

Currently: the month of June trembled like a butterfly

Current Books: I have been working through a writing book by Jessica Bell, alongside Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg (a reread). I'm finally reading The Alchemyst, about Nic Flamel. I recently finished Harmless by Dana Reinhardt. In the car, the boys and I are listening to Loser by Jerry Spinelli and I have Melissa Joan Hart's memoir playing off and on.

Current Playlist: I downloaded the Regina Spektor song from the opening of Orange is the New Black. I also keep returning to "Fighting for Nothing" by Meg & Dia.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Staying at a friend's house for multiple nights when I really need to be finishing up some school stuff with the kiddos.

Current Colors: I keep picking up clothes in red and aqua.

Current Food: Leila made brownies last night. Matt grilled steaks. I like food so much better when I don't have to stress about creating it.

Current Drink: Leila brought coffee home from Hawaii and it is yummy.

Current Favorite Favorite: Joshilyn spoke at her church and I always love hearing her speak, so I listened (via this link) and sat in my bed crying. The big issue I have been struggling with lately, the fear of not being welcome at the table because of who I want to bring with me… Other fears as well, but that one… It's a good sermon, well-worth your time.

Current Triumph: Amazing feedback on my manuscript.

Current Bane-of-my-Existence: Boys' bad attitudes and how their play time always devolves into a brawl.

Current Indulgence: I'm taking a poetry class online. I'm letting my brain play with words and images and meter for a bit. I think indulging in my poetry love is actually good for my fiction as well.

Current Mood: Hopeful

Current Outfit: We are getting ready to head to church. I'm in dark skinny jeans and a bright blue Piko top.

Current #1 Blessing: I can't help but thank God for my husband. He sees my writing as my career, even though I haven't sold a book yet. I have the freedom to devote as much time as I want to perfecting my query, trading manuscripts with my critique partner, researching agents to make sure I only query those I truly think will like my book and be good to work with in the long-term. I cannot imagine putting in the writing-hours I do if I also had to work full-time and had a husband who expected June Cleaver. God bless my man.

Current Quote“What is the greatest mistake a parent can make?' she asked. 'To believe that your children will be just like you” 
― Michael ScottThe Enchantress

Current Photo: From my second wedding this month.

Title taken from this lovely bit of Neruda.

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