Saturday, June 21, 2014


In honor of Mandy and Will tying the knot today, I'm posting the poem I wrote for them. And a photo of Mandy and me, snapped at her rehearsal dinner.

I've known both Mandy and Will since they were in high school.  I'm amazed by them. They bless each other and bring joy. Having walked alongside Mandy through some heavy stuff, I know Will is good for her because he makes her shine. He brought a lightness to her spirit that has been absent in previous relationships.

I love you two.


She lay on a bathroom floor,
sat beside me in a green field,
whispered wishes,
hidden bruises,
tomorrow's dreams.

She's beautiful.

He hoped for healing,
disappeared inside the haze
of self and memory,
walked out of pain
a man.

He's beautiful.

I watch them laugh.
He holds her hand.

Tomorrow is a bathroom floor,
a green field,
a haze and a healing.
It holds bruises,
hides dreams,
changes self
and memory.

She walks down an aisle.
He waits for her.

He holds her hand.
I watch them vow
till death do part two hearts.
They will walk through pain
and joy,
out of this wedding and this church,
into hope and whispered
into marriage that is 
dreams and history
daily woven intricately,
loving unconditionally.

They are beautiful.

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