Monday, May 19, 2014

Sunday Poem: Chainsaw

This started as a Sunday Poem, but really
it's just the truth.

My husband taught me something new
just after the tornado ripped through Tupelo.

He taught me something new
I thought I knew,
but I only sort of
understood it as truth.

Love shows up
with a chainsaw.

Love is not soft. It does not purr
like kittens or waft over skin
like silk…

Those things are comfort, yes.
They are security and hope and joy,
but not love.

Love shows up
with a chainsaw
when the sky is still dark
and the wind is still blowing.

Love does not wait
for the clouds to calm
and the storm to settle
away from him.

Love just comes.

A voice says,
I am scared,
and Love shows up.

Love shows up in blue jeans and
tennis shoes,
with a chainsaw
and two by fours,
with blue tarps 
and sweat.

I've written an entire novel
about the aftermath of one tornado,
but sitting in my home,
experiencing another,
my husband taught me what I should have already

shows up.

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  1. Reminds me of this group I heard about on NPR: BACA (bikers gainst child abuse). Tough biker dudes who accompany kids to their trials and will come ride around their neighborhood at night when they're too scared to fall asleep. Makes them feel protected. Unexpected appearance maybe but loves shows up. ;)


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