Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review: Little Mercies (SPOILER ALERT)

I was unable to finish reading this book, but this is not a negative review.

How's that for confusing.

I read One Breath Away a few months ago. I picked it up because it dealt with a school shooting, and that's what I was writing about at the time. I wanted to see how other writers handled the subject. I liked Heather's writing, so I was happy to see her new book Little Mercies, offered for review. I requested and was granted an e-copy. I immediately began reading.

I knew the book would deal with a hard subject. I don't shy away from the hard stuff. Hence my latest manuscript involving a school shooting. But, I digress. The writing was wonderful. I wanted to know what would happen, how these two lives would eventually converge and change one another.


Then I got to the chapter where the baby is left in the car. She is left in the car, due to a series of events that led to her being present without her mother realizing she was present. It was not sadistic or even negligent. It was an accident. An absent-minded morning intersects with an emergency and leads to personal disaster. It is the stuff of which good fiction is made.

I could hardly breathe.

The thing is, I have been that mom who forgets things. I am often absent minded. So, as I read, I could see this happening to me.

Not now. I mean, my sons are 10 and 12. Trust me, there is no way to be in a car with them and not know they are there. You can smell them.

But something like that could happen. I could absent-mindedly destroy my life or someone else's.

This is a fear of mine already. Apparently, it is a stronger fear than I realized, because I could not keep reading. I tried. My husband watched and begged me to quit. My whole chest felt like someone was wrapping me in chains and pulling tight.

So I deleted the file from my Kindle and gave up.

Heather is a good writer. She is a good storyteller. She made this real enough to give me panic attacks.


  1. Wow. This book deals with some of my biggest fears. I would have such a hard time reading it! Being a parent has made me very sensitive to certain subjects, and it's entirely changed the types of books I'm able to read. This book would probably give me panic attacks too.

    1. She's a good writer, to make it feel so real.

  2. I have been reading it for over a week and I keep procrastinating finishing it because I think I know what is coming. Like you, it makes me feel like I can't breath. I LOVE H.G.'s books, and this is no exception, but as a mother it terrifies me.I had a friend who accidentally backed over and killed his two year old son. He had no idea he had gotten out of the house. It reminds me of that. How do you deal with the fact that, even if it was accidental, you caused so much harm to your child? I hope that people read the book and become more cautious because of it. Always check the back seat!


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