Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lost Lake: Review

Jet lag has really done a number on me, so I have not been writing much of anything. I want to blog about our Israel pilgrimage, but when I put my fingers to the keys, my brain goes blank. How do I put it all into words?

Well, the words will come eventually. For now, I am going to ease into the task by blogging about the one book I read cover to cover on our trip.

Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

I adore Sarah and all of her books. I could not wait to get my hands on this one. I downloaded it to Kindle a couple of weeks before the Israel trip and saved it. I know it would be good so I wanted to read it on the plane. I hated the idea of being on a ten hour flight with a book I might not love. I knew I would love Lost Lake though. It was a safe choice.

Of course, I was right. As usual, Sarah manages to weave a little magic into some real life stuff (death of a spouse, overbearing MIL, etc…).

The little boy alligator, the adulterous heart charms, the blue butterflies against Kate's skin…

Tiny touches of magic to make the world a more intriguing place, a place like the world you imagine as a child, before reality takes the magic away.

I told my husband it was an interesting experience, reading Lost Lake before bed in our hotel in Jerusalem. I was in Israel and Georgia at the same time. Talk about vertigo.

If you're looking for a sweet read the relax with, something to make you laugh and smile and feel like the world might turn out okay in the end, this is a good book for you.

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