Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Poem: Name Me

Emmanuel, God with us,
What would You
Name me?
My mother called me
For flowers, for
The musical sound
Of letters linked
And lyrical. 
She named me precious
In her heart. 
Do You
Name me
The same?
Emmanuel, God with us,
Name me Bountiful
And Beautiful. 
Name me Fallen,
Mostly, Jesus,
When my days grow short
And my road closes in
On You,
Name me Beloved. 
Name me Hoped For. 
Name me


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  1. I have written a couple of poems, several actually, on the concept of naming. I've never posted them before though. Currently they are being reviewed as part of a manuscript for publication. WE should swap work sometime. Come say hi! The blog below is about a little bit of everything from my life. I also have a blog about writing.


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