Friday, November 15, 2013

Currently: Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

Current Books: I've been immersed in a few volumes of Edna St Vincent Millay lately. I also read No Easy Answers by Brooks Brown. I have a few books on hold for my Kindle. Nothing is calling to me though. Oh, I read The Crane Wife by Patrick Ness, and it was pure gorgeousness. Poetry in prose. Delicious.

Current Playlist: "Mary Jane's Last Dance" has been on a few times recently, in the car. It's my Make-Me-Happy-Right-Now song.

Current Shame Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Filling our DVR with Doctor Who specials.

Current Colors: Kentucky blue

Current Fetish: Millay's poetry and making the lines make sense for my new story.

Current Food: My taste buds are all wonky from a medication. I'm craving sweets and really junky food. I need to get it under control.

Current Drink: Starbucks Refreshers. The new med has stolen coffee from me. *cries* So Refreshers are helping me not get caffeine headaches.

Current Favorite Favorite: My hubby. He gets me. Even in my crazy.

Current Wishlist: a new winter wardrobe for my new size, lots of books, uninterrupted writing and resting time.

Current Needs: My tastebuds to return to normal.

Current Triumph: My character is finally talking to me. She's becoming a real person. Hallelujah!

Current Bane-of-my-Existence: Being drained. I'm an introvert spending all of my waking time with two children. I just need some solitude on a regular basis.

Current Indulgence: Buying a few kinds of tea, trying to find something I like.

Current Mood: Tired but good.

Current #1 Blessing: My husband and my friends. And my upcoming trip to ISRAEL. Can you feel the excitement radiating off of me?

Current Outfit: Jeans, purple fitted tee, green jacket, studded boots.

Current Link: Stephanie hit the nail on the head for me today.

Current Photo:

Title from: To Autumn by John Keats

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