Monday, November 4, 2013


Middle Places


That's the theme at Middle Places this month. It is also one of David's vocabulary words this week.


It came up in one of the Proverbs I studied for Small Group Sunday. I've been reading Proverbs in the original Hebrew, thanks to Blue Letter Bible. 

I was surprised when I looked up the word used for "honored," as in "to live an honored life" and found it means heavy, weighty, burdensome, grievous… and, yes, also glorious.

One of our girls suggested Mother Teresa as an example.

Yes. How right. How true. 

Mother lived a heavy life. She carried people's burdens, weighty burdens. Her love, His love flowing through her, brought Him glory and her life is honored in our memories.

But it was never easy.

An honored life must first be a difficult one.

There will be abundant blessings, and sometimes blessings wear ugly masks. They whisper words like cancer, dying, lost, hopeless, divorce, betrayal, depression…

They whisper…

"I am grievous."

But they carry abundance in their arms. Their scarred faces crumple into tears of joy.

My mother and my neighbor are both facing situations I cannot fix for them. No one can, really. Or, the people who seem to hold that power are choosing not to use it.

And there is pain there.

I can chauffeur kids and send up prayers and tell my mom I love her.
But I can't be the solution, and it is hard. It is hard when, in the midst of abundant blessing, there is also abundant pain.

Both from the hand of God. Correct? Rain on the just and the unjust. Drought to them both. He giveth and He taketh away. And it can be hard not to hate Him for it. Hard not to love Him for it. Hard to grasp any sort of understanding.

I glory in His abundance.

But I also cry.

I also cry.

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