Monday, October 14, 2013

What Have You Learned Today?

Today I learned how amazing it is to wear sunglasses when driving. After 8 years with a prescription lens restriction on my license, I finally bought prescription sunglasses. Driving into the sun, on the way home from Eyemart Express, I thought, "This is lovely."

I learned that the reason I have been sick is the axis of my glasses. I knew it had to do with my eyes. Now I know the technical term for my problem. The axis being wrong results in a feeling akin to motion sickness. Not. Fun. I'm sure there is a spiritual application here. When our lenses are tilted at the wrong angle, our soul's eyes rebel.

I learned a recipe for Butter Beer. Tomorrow, I will make it for the boys.

I looked at my ponytail in the mirror and learned how faded my green is. I wish the bright colors would stay longer.

I learned that my friend, Amanda, had family members who were nuns at the retreat center I plan to visit soon.

We learn things everyday, don't we? Sometimes on purpose and sometimes despite our best efforts to the contrary.

What have you learned today?

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