Friday, October 4, 2013

Things I Wish My Kids Would Learn

  • How to be civil to one another on a regular basis
  • To clean up behind themselves
  • Not to pee on the toilet seat or the wall beside the toilet
  • Volume control
  • How amazingly blessed they are
  • That life is not a competition
  • To always load the dishwasher my way (no matter what their daddy tells them)
  • If Mom is holding a book, it is not a good time to chat about Minecraft weapons.
  • The phrase "yes, but" nullifies the rest of your argument.
  • If you would just say "yes ma'am," you'd be in a lot less trouble.
  • When I tell you to go to the bathroom on a road trip, just go. I will never know if you don't actually pee. Just please humor me and go to the darn bathroom.
  • They really do not need a drink and a snack every single time we enter a store.


  1. I've hit on a good response when my kids start in with the "yes, but," - at least when it's a response to something I've told them to do. I say (as calmly as humanly possible), "I would be happy to discuss this with you after you've done what I asked you to do."
    That way, if they're genuinely concerned about the principals involved, we can discuss it later. But if they're just trying to get out of it, tough luck.
    I'm not accusing them of anything here, but they have yet to come back to discuss anything later. Just saying.


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