Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Poem: Craving Only You

There's always more.
Sitting inside myself,
feeling selfish,
so tired, so very tired
of everything life asks of me,
I feel that I could
empty Him of His
all, overwhelm Her
mother heart
so She cannot stand the sight
of me anymore.

This morning, They whisper
no, no, no, Heather,
you can never be
too much
for Me,
and how can I do more
than cry
a grateful heaving sob that says,
I'm sorry, so so sorry
that I ever doubted You - the depth,
the length, the last lavish drop
of all Your love.

I want more, Jesus.
My hands and heart are open
and I'm craving only You.

I'm craving


*Learning to feel God in me again.

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