Friday, October 18, 2013

It's Black. It's White.

I've only left the country once. I was 16 when I took a trip to Mexico with my church youth group. It was a wonderful experience and one I have always hoped to repeat. International travel, however, hasn't been in the cards for the last 15 years.

Next year, that changes.

In February, our church is sending us on a trip to Israel. This is a dream come true. There will be lots of future blog posts about Israel. In July, our youth group is headed to Honduras on a mission trip. I'm hoping to use some of this Spanish I am learning.

Anywho, with this month's focus on learning, I wanted to share the brilliant tip that my friend Kristi shared with me. It has simplified my packing plans for both trips.

Pick a color scheme. Bring separates within that color scheme. Then everything can be mixed and matched. Add a few bright colored scarves and voila! Maybe that is common sense to you, but it never even occurred to me. If I'd thought of it when we went to Seattle, my suitcase might have weighed less. *wink*

Any travel tips to share? I have lots to learn.

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  1. You will have so much fun :)
    I'm a pro packer (think a week in Sri Lanka for 2 adults and a baby and the luggage of 2 backpacks and one messenger bag.) Some things I learned over the years:
    a) I have a formula for tops - number of days + 1. So I'm going for a week, I'll bring 8 tops. I bring less if I know I'll have access to a washer, if I'm planning to buy a souvenir t-shirt, or simply if I have too little room (in that case, the hotel sink is my best friend.)
    b) for a week-long trip, I usually bring 2 bottoms (and wear the 3rd on the plane.) Also, I usually bring something slightly dressy, because you never know.
    c) wear the bulkiest stuff on the plane. It's easier to take off my coat and stick it in the overhead bin that to try and fit it into the carry-on bag.
    d) cut down on jewelry, make-up, and toiletries. I usually bring 2 pairs of ear-rings/2 necklaces that will go with most of my clothes, neutral make-up (I've been known to go to Clinique counter and ask for a sample of their foundation: it comes in a small jar perfect for traveling and lasts me forever), deodorant, hair conditioner (the hotel kind does nothing for my hair), and some kind of hair product (I transfer some gel/cream into a small travel jar.) Oh, and Gillette Venus Spa Breeze razors/cartridges. They are pricey, but if I have them, I don't need to carry shaving cream.
    e) whenever possible, avoid checked luggage. If you can't avoid it, make sure you have at least one day's worth of clothes in your carry-on.
    f) nobody has ever given me trouble over the size of my "personal item" to bring on board together with the carry-on. I use my biggest purse or a backpack stuffed to the brim if necessary.
    g) roll your clothes instead of folding them. It saves a ton of space. Stuff socks and undies in the shoes and gaps between clothes. Oh, and the shoes go on the side of the bag that will be closest to the floor.
    h) wear shoes without laces on the plane, since you'll have to take them off at security and will probably want to take them off on the plane, but don't wear sandals, since it gets pretty darn cold at times.
    i) most likely, you will be bringing back souvenirs. Unless you are planning to purchase a bag just for them on the way back, either be ready to leave some room for them in your bags or be ready to leave a couple of shirts behind (we have a friend who bought a couple of packs of cheapest undies before his trip and just threw each pair away after wearing it. That way he had room for gifts :))
    Sorry this is so long!


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