Friday, October 25, 2013

It Comes Back

Haydn's been studying Australia (and nearby islands) this week. His geography book included instructions for making a boomerang, and he set about to do so. Haydn loves making things out of paper, especially things he can throw. Our floors are generally covered in bits of paper and the tape disappears from my desk faster than I can buy it.

After a while, he came inside with a device that did not resemble a boomerang. He was excited.

"Look, Mom. I made it. It comes back."

He demonstrated and this contraption did return to him.

"The boomerang from the book didn't work," he explained to me. "So I made this."

His invention is more like a cross made of paper rolls with additions in certain places to weight the "boomerang" so it will return when thrown.

He did this on his own.

My kid learns best when I don't shove too hard. Sometimes, that is hard for me to remember.

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  1. I love this.
    LOVE this.

    I love when my kids take information and interpret it and make it their own - in legos, with paper and crayons, whatever. I love to watch their minds at work. It always amazes me.


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