Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I LIke Well-Written TV

Recently, I tried to tell someone what kinds of TV shows I like. I was stumped. What do my favorites have in common?

Grey's Anatomy
Orange is the New Black
Doctor Who
Modern Family
The Mindy Project

Those are current shows I enjoy, though I am behind on 3 of them.

Other favorites include:

Private Practice
Gilmore Girls

I'm eclectic; it's true. But I did find a common thread among all but Project Runway.

I like well-written TV. Back when Shonda wrote for Grey's, I even kept up with the writers' blog. Whether the writing makes me laugh or cry or think, these shows all include some solid dialogue and narration. Only well-written characters come to life enough for me to follow them to other shows (Addison is the reason I watched Private Practice). I started The Mindy Project because I read Mindy's book and it cracked me up. She's a good writer.

I laughed and looked at Corey saying, "Even with television, I am a book nerd."

So if you have a show suggestion, lay it on me. Especially if it is on Netflix. I have learned something new about myself and I like it.

What about you. What connects the shows or movies you like most?

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