Sunday, October 6, 2013

Books That Taught Me Something - Part 1

Obviously, this is an incomplete list. Every book teaches me something. ;) I may do a few of these posts. For this entry, I will stick with books read in the last year.

Here's to Not Catching Our Hair on Fire - The author and I share a diagnosis. From this book, I learned that I'm considered "double exceptional." I'd never heard the phrase before. It means I am both gifted and, for lack of a better word, disordered. One part of my brain is super smart and creative, but the other part isn't sure what day it is or why any of that other stuff is important. I also learned how lucky I am to have found a med that works for me.

Flight Behavior - Barbara Kingsolver is one of my all-time favorite writers. If she wrote commercials, I'd give in and watch them instead of fast-forwarding via DVR. Her books are glorious journeys into worlds and characters I fall in love with. This newest novel is no different. It is set in TN, pretty much at my in-laws' house. No joke. I learned so much about monarch butterflies. And the spiritual applications are many.

Still Writing - I adored this book. I have battled with my writing style, my habits and methods. Dani Shapiro reminded me that how I write is how I write. I don't have to bend to someone else's style or methods. It helps that her style is very like mine. We both write organically. I felt immensely encouraged and inspired by this book.

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  1. Your book list reminds me I need to read more Barbara Kingsolver! I appreciate the nudge. I need to listen to it more often! The writing book sounds great, too. Hooray for writers who are encouraging and may not even know how much!

    Happy Continuing #31Days!

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