Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Repost: Let It Happen

There is nothing in my life that has taught me more than parenting. And I don't say that to be all sweet and mommy-blogger-ish. I have not learned my lessons easily. God has to really hammer the point home with me most of the time. Well, pretty much all of the time, actually. Again and again, I am reminded that we are to come to Him as little children. Each moment of parenting shows me a new perspective on that concept. There are the obvious truths: kids forgive more easily than adults, kids have bigger imaginations, kids throw themselves into their passions with crazy abandon. And the list goes on.

This morning, I played a game with the boys. We have the iPad version of The Game of Life. It does have a board and the little cars with those classic pink and blue pegs. It also has play money, but the spinner is on the touch screen, and the iPad will keep up with your babies, career and college choices, Life cards, etc... So, we set up the game and began playing.

The way it works is this: when it is your turn, you swipe the spinner, move your car and then do what the square says. Haydn did this and landed on "You Get Married!" He tapped the icon and it started to show his wedding. Now, in order to skip to the next turn, he would need to tap the pink button on the screen.

Impatiently, I said, "You forgot to tap the button."

"No, I didn't. I'm just letting it happen." Haydn said and he gestured to the animated wedding onscreen.


And he did. Let it happen, I mean. When the wedding concluded (maybe four whole seconds later), he tapped the pink button. We continued with the game. Why was I so anxious to move on, to take my turn at the end of his, to rush through his little blue and pink peg wedding?

Currently, I am pretty anxious to move through the journey of publication, and I find myself ready to see my book in print already. Why? Why can't I slow down, enjoy the little tasks and celebrations along the way?

I need to learn this lesson from my son and just let it happen.

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