Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Baby and the Labyrinth

Yesterday, I dropped Haydn at therapy and drove to the Catholic Church offices. Behind the brick building and down a slight hill, there's a labyrinth. As I'd read my friend's guest post at Middle Places, my mind flew to all of my past labyrinth walks. I realized it had been over a year since I stood in that sacred middle place, the center that always brings me drops of peace.

I walked slowly through the rock-lines. I looked at the ground. There was nothing to worry about there, no fear about where the path would lead. I love that about a labyrinth. I don't need to know for sure where I am on the journey. I don't look ahead and try to figure out how much longer till I reach the middle. I just walk.

How do I carry that out of the labyrinth and into my life?

There's so much going on today. Why am I thinking of tomorrow?

I have to trust the path.

For three mornings, I have gotten up earlier than usual, eaten breakfast, and walked down the street to a friend's house. There, I feed her baby girl some cereal and let her finish a bottle of milk. Then we play with her toys and she falls asleep in my arms. Within an hour, I am back home with my big boys. The weight of the sleeping infant is gone.

Did I enjoy it enough?

I did.

I sat with the baby. I lay on my back in the labyrinth. I watched her smile. I watched the leaves dance on the wind. The little girl laughed. The water rippled.

My God smiled.

Today, there will be Spanish practice and family movie time. I will read to my boys. I will make packing lists and get down my suitcase. I will interact on the Middle Places Facebook page and joke around with friends on Twitter.

I will not worry about the next two weeks, when my oldest will be doing school with his Grams and Pawpaw in Tennessee and I will be doing school with my youngest here in Mississippi. I won't wonder how he will handle it. I won't worry that he will have a meltdown and stress out my in-laws. I won't fret about what he's eating there or if he's actually gaining anything from the experience.

I am going to learn from the baby
and the labyrinth
and the moment
that is


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  1. The gift of the present moment...
    I am in my own.
    Its a good place.
    I am the baby in Jesus arms!
    Thank you, Heather.


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