Thursday, August 8, 2013

{pretty.happy.funny.real} First Week of School

Yay! It's Thursday! That means, I have a poem up at Middle Places and I'm going to play along to my favorite meme with Like Mother Like Daughter.


I spent the morning working on postcards to send to some of our youth and college kids. I love doing these, and they always seem to be a pleasure to their recipients. Who doesn't love pretty snail mail, right? 


I won this tee through the summer reading program at our public library. I also won a pen, a notepad, a handheld battery-powered fan, a bag, and a chalkboard coffee mug. Fun! We have a great library, and I love excuses to visit. Not that I really NEED an excuse to visit a building full of books.


I really want this shirt. And quite a few others from this website. They are my new favorite. 


It's back to school at the Truett casa. Haydn is working on Geography in this picture. He has a map of Canada pulled up on his Kindle and is labeling the territories in his book. The kitchen table is the center of our day, so it tends to collect clutter.

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