Friday, June 7, 2013

Nattie's Friday Felicities

Friday Felicities - The Nattie Edition

How she listened to audio books on her iPod. I do that too now.
The way she loved Jesus full
When her kids made "cakes"
How generous she was, even when she had so little for herself
Her updates from library computers
Her joy in snow
The pink pajamas and scarf I last saw her wearing
How hard she loved Wes, even when it hurt like hell
The bookmark girl she made for me
Her grateful heart even in the face of bad and worse
The notes she wrote to A and J from the hospital
Her hobbit apartment, filled with books
How we shared a story start, though not an ending
That she showed me Asperger's is survivable
Her sweet sweet spirit
That she was always rereading favorites
She coached Anna's soccer team.
How much she worked to be involved at her church
How her church family loved and cared for her
That she adored her parents and always said so
She struggled in many of the same ways I struggle.
She was real and beautiful and smart and funny and so full of Jesus, He simply overflowed from her.

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