Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Currently: The Livelong June

Current Books: I just finished We End in Joy and Holy Ghost Girl. Now I am reading The Gunslinger. The boys and I have almost finished Hoot and 100 Best Loved Poems. I am about halfway through The Nootka Rose. What can I say? I'm eclectic.

Current Playlist: In the car, we are listening to The Looking Glass Wars. We're all loving it.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Watching Torchwood and playing Candy Crush.

Current Colors: I'm really loving soft worn colors right now.

Current Fetish: Firefly

Current Food: Baby spinach

Current Drink: Coffee and water

Current Favorite Favorite: Vacation Bible School, where my kids are happily occupied while I write/design in peace

Current Wishlist: Summer clothes, a massage

Current Needs: retreat and a computer (Mac) for homeschool

Current Triumph: I'm at the end of a first draft, so 500 words is a triumph right now. I miss 2000 word days.

Current Bane-of-my-Existence: Pain. Almost continuous pain for the last month. It is taking a toll on my spirit. I am feeling very sympathetic toward friends and family with Fibro and Lupus.

Current Indulgence: I did a bit of Target shopping while we were in Jackson.

Current Mood: Pretty stable. My motivation level is pretty much null, but I am not unhappy.

Current #1 Blessing: My husband. He inspires me. He graduated seminary Magna Cum Laude, lost 35 pounds and was just officially commissioned by the UMC.

Current Outfit: Ankle-length skirt, Kentucky basketball tee, flip-flops

Current Links: My friend Stephanie's blog

Current Quote“You can't spend so much time in a place and not carry a bit of it inside you.” 
― Frank BeddorThe Looking Glass Wars

Current Photo

Title taken from "I'm Nobody" by Emily Dickinson

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