Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Where Jesus is Supposed to Be

I'm so with those women. I stand right there beside them All. The. Time.

Don't you?

You show up exactly where Jesus is supposed to be, where you believe Him to be, and you are waiting around, nervous and probably a little sad, because this isn't really where you WANT to find Jesus. You'd rather not be hanging out in a graveyard. If only He wasn't in that tomb at all.

You go looking for Jesus, you go where you are told you will find Him and...


Look at you. Look at me. Showing up at a grave because other people said Jesus was there when we heard Him say He wouldn't be staying in the tomb. We heard Him and still we believed what other people told us. We believed our own eyes when they saw Him dying. And we went where our brains told us we would find Him.

And Jesus isn't there. Maybe He was there before, but He isn't there now, and now is what matters. Now is where I am today.

Is where I am where He is?

Maybe if my life feels a bit empty, if my days seem lacking His presence... Maybe it's not because He has abandoned me. Maybe I am looking in the grave again.

He isn't in the tomb.

What now?

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