Thursday, May 2, 2013

Get On Your Way Quickly

Get on your way quickly.

Not, sit right here and wait.

Get on your way.

I'm struggling with waiting lately. A lot.

Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

Maybe I'm waiting on Jesus to come here to me, instead of getting up and going on my way. Maybe if I get on my way Jesus is already waiting for me.

I haven't been writing much lately, not daily like I did for more than a year. Instead I have been waiting. 


Do I need a book contract to be a writer?


Do I need constant updates from my agent to trust that things are being taken care of?


Do I need to keep sitting here, by the grave I think holds my stories, when in fact my stories might be waiting somewhere else, somewhere I should already be going?

I need to recapture my wonder, my joy in writing. It is a gift God gave to me, and the current lack of a book contract is not a sealed tomb for my writing career.

I'm doing it wrong.

I'm waiting instead of going quickly on my way.

Come with me on my way? Jesus is waiting for us in Galilee.

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