Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Safety Pinning Life One Pant Leg at a Time

It's Autism Awareness Month. It is also National Poetry Month. Both are a huge part of my daily life. One is considerably more enjoyable, but the other is connected to a child I love to the moon and back, cliche as that may be. My good friend, Tara, is newly arrived to the Aspie world, with my sweet Birthday Buddy Boy and she shared a bit about that on her blog, Giggles and Gulps. Tara and I text on a fairly regular basis. It's nice to know someone else is standing where you are, facing what you are, feeling all of the three billion emotions associated with your particular situation right along beside you.

I have blogged here about my son's diagnosis and a variety of ways that affects our life with him. I hesitate to share too much, as he will grow up one day and this blog is a very public forum. Raising Haydn is hard work, and I never want to write anything that will one day make him feel un-loved or under-valued. That is not the case at all. But I'd be lying if I pretended parenting him is easy, and he'd be lying if he told you BEING him is easy. Everyday is filled with frustration for both of us. That's par for the course with any kind of disability or special needs. Heck, it's par for the course with parenting neurotypical kids. It's life.

I'm not going to list off Haydn's triggers or meltdowns or issues with school and socializing. Instead, I'm going to share a little Haydn story from last week. Consider this a wee tiny peek into our daily existence.

On Good Friday, I took Haydn to church and endured his pouty annoyed whining because his pants were “too long.” They were not too long. They fit. But after losing my religion in the church parking lot (at least I was in a good place to find it again) I spent Sunday morning safety pinning his pants to a length acceptable to him, and my happy smart boy reemerged in time for the Easter service.

If only I could safety pin his life for him. Then everything would be okay.

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  1. Gah! I hate Google Reader not continuing! I totally missed this until now! I'm SO SO sorry! Beautiful, beautiful post. I love it! So true. And I love that you are only a text away. Hugs, friend!


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