Thursday, February 14, 2013

Middle Places - Love and Marriage

If you haven't visited the Middle Places blog, here's a good entry to start with. In honor of Valentine's Day, the Middle Sisters let their husband's take over the blog. Pure genius if you ask me. And here is Cheri's husband, Donald, sharing about the beauty for ashes that is their redeemed marriage, and if you get through the entry without crying, I think you may be broken.

In the Middle of Loving Forgiveness

Also, it is Thursday and Thursday is my day to host the Middle Places Facebook page. You should drop by and check that out as well. I do a different theme each Thursday. For this month, I am following (loosely) C. S. Lewis' The Four Loves. Last week, we covered friendship. This week, we're all about some eros. There will be quotable yumminess all day long, including poetry that might make your skin tingle.

Middle Places on Facebook

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