Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Top 10: Children's and YA Reads for 2012

These aren't in any specific order, and my list includes my favorite reads for the year, not my favorite books published in 2012. I doubt I read ten newly published bits of kid-lit in 2012. 

by Rebecca Stead

I just adored this book. I spent the year overcoming my fear of time travel. I didn't set out to overcome it, but it happened, and I am glad for it. I loved how the main character was reading A Wrinkle in Time. It is one of my favorites. I will definitely read more of Rebecca's stories and share them with my children.

by Tanita S. Davis

I picked this book up at the library, completely based on its cover. I do that sometimes, pick my next read based on an appealing appearance. In this instance, I was happy with my selection. Not only was it good writing, it also taught me a lot of history. This would be a great classroom read.

(The Books of Elsewhere, Vol I)
by Jacqueline West

I absolutely loved this book. The concept was creative and well put together. The main character was charming in her uniqueness. I loved all of the paintings and the magic magic magic. I listened to the audio while driving to Huntsville for Thanksgiving. I can't wait to get my hands on more of this series.

by Norton Juster

How did I miss this book in childhood? I swear, I was so anxious to grow up and read grown-up books that I completely missed a ton of books and am now discovering them in adulthood. Last year, that meant Anne of Green Gables. This year, the Phantom Tollbooth and From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. I loved this book so much, I plan to re-read it many times. That's high praise from me. I don't do a ton of re-reading.

by Sy Montgomery

This was a newly published book I received for review. I read it aloud to my oldest son. He is on the autism spectrum, and we both loved this book. Not only did we learn a lot about cattle and the engineering that Temple is so good at, we also got a peak at how successful a person can be, how big obstacles don't have to mean big failure. Temple is one of my son's heroes, and he sure picks good heroes.

by John Green

This was also the year of finally reading John Green. Well, I read Paper Towns sometime last year, but the library had no other John Green books. This year, I borrowed An Abundance of Katherines on my Kindle and was greatly entertained. The Fault in Our Stars is probably one my my top 5 books for the entire year. I could not put it down. I swam in that story long after I closed the cover. Do yourself a favor and buy this book right now.

by Mike Lupica

My sons both play baseball. I borrowed the audio version of this book from our public library, and both kids were hooked. The main character is a lot like my son, who can pitch like nobody's business when he is relaxed and not trying to pitch like nobody's business. After reading this, we made our way through quite a few of Lupica's book. The boys love them, and I am learning a lot about sports. That's helpful when parenting two athletic sons. I'm the only girl in the house. Even the animals are male.

by Tony Abbott

This is another we listened to the audio for. It was definitely quirky, but in the best possible way. The kids learned a lot about Florida and got a taste for old-fashioned detective stories. We laughed a lot. It was a really good book.

by Kate DiCamillo

I think Kate is my favorite living writer of children's literature. She just writes good stories, and this is one of those good stories. I long to write like Kate, with such simplicity of manner. Her books are full of heart and overflowing with the best kind of magic. I sent a copy of this novel to my stepdaughter for Christmas. I hope she will read it and love it as much as I did.

by Terry Pratchett

I grew up with Pratchett as a household name, along with Douglas Adams and a few others. I read my first Discworld novel as a young teen. Dad handed me this volume last year, I think. It sat on my shelf until suddenly it sang to me. Sometimes, books do that. They bode their time and then sing their siren song where only you can hear. I adored Tiffany Aching and I'm planning to steal with rest of her series next time I visit my daddy.


  1. Did you see the movie version of Temple Grandin? Nearly did me in.

  2. We did. It was a wonderful film. Haydn watched most of it with us.


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