Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Poem: Wine from Ashes

The wine will flow from ashes
and the dead will leave their graves.
Baptism first by water
and then by fire saved.

His ruling spared the sinner.
It was mercy our king gave.
No rocks would ever hit her,
because the Savior came to save.

My Lord, the Lord who dances,
who waltzes over waves.
He sets the sea to spinning,
then dies, our hope to save.

Today, our grace is broken,
the Bride is rotten with decay,
but this world is on the second
of a wait that lasts three days.

No man alive can steal her,
the Bride he took with him to the grave.
The murdered God, He chose her,
so her purity is saved.

The wine will flow from ashes,
the dead leap from their graves,
we've been baptized by fire;
He is the God who saves.

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