Tuesday, January 15, 2013

31 for 31

It's that time of year again. Welcome to January, my birth month. I decided to continue with last year's birthday theme: Random Acts of Kindness. If you don't remember or weren't reading back then, here are links to the posts I wrote on the subject:

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This year, two things are different. The obvious difference is my age. This year will be 31 for 31. The biggest difference, however, is timing. My birthday falls on a Sunday this year, thanks to Leap Year. A lot of places I plan to visit won't even be open. So, I am going to do one of two things. Either, I will celebrate on Monday or else I will spread out the 31-yumminess over a few days or my whole birth week.

I'd appreciate any ideas for small acts of kindness or places to drop off baked goods. My list, so far, includes many of the same things from last year, such as dropping homemade goodies off for the librarians at our local library, the janitorial staff at our church, the therapy group that works with Haydn twice a week, etc...

So, if you want to help me celebrate, do your own random acts of kindness around my birthday. Help me spread the smiles.


  1. what a good birthday idea! God bless you.

  2. That's a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. My cousin just turned 50, and she asked friends and family to do a random act of kindness on her birthday.


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