Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Poem: Steam

John the Baptizer,
standing and dancing
in the river, in the
Jordan, and maybe
he's exactly what I need,
exactly who I need
to listen to.

Maybe I need harsh
words like fire,
words to burn
my doubts away.
Maybe I need
to dive into the river,
the fiery words
in water, steam,
the truth in them almost
smoking all around me, ash.

John the Baptizer,
dancing at the river's bend,
stop me in my tracks,
that I repent.
Steam me in the water.
Cook me through.
Invite me in
to swim with you.

Invite me in
and help me see
past all this doubt.
Baptize me with water
and offer me up
to the one who comes
in fire.

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