Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Granddaddy was a dancing man.

He was quick with a wink,

free with his hugs,
laughing and living and breathing
in love.

He was a railroad man,
traveled straight tracks,
umbrellaed himself for
wife and kids for
taking care of so many things.

He worked with his hands,
twisting and tweaking
when engines were squealing or
gas tanks were leaking.
He knew how to turn a bolt
of lightning with his smile.

He talked about Hank Senior, 
strummed fingers on a steel guitar,
watched my boys
with sparkling eyes.
Lady-killer, the man never lost
his charm, and I cannot blame
a woman who fell for him.

He was a beautiful soul,
a wonder-filled spirit,
a dancing man who drove
straight tracks,
took care of everything
with his two hands.

Listen close; I think I hear
the sound of an old guitar,
a deep-souled voice
calling him to turn
that Cadillac around
and drive home.


Charlie Calhoun lived a great life, 88 years of life bursting at the seams. I'm grateful my children knew him, and grateful he became a part of my life. May he run across the Jordan and live an eternity well-earned.

Charles Fitzhugh Calhoun Jr
1924 - 2012

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